Illuminati Atmospheric Effects

Smoke, Flames, Water... both real and virtual...

Illuminati's Dorian Kelly is an acknowledged specialist in smoke,fog, mist, haze, watermist and other atmospheric effects. From his first experiments in the early sixties using home made remote-fired slow-burning smoke powder to the technology of the present day, Illuminati has the complete answer to production and control of any kind of atmospheric effect.

Simple foggers, liquid nitrogen, dancing Co2 jets, haze, ( whether morning mist or a full stadiums' worth), effects such as burning toast,  a raging chip-pan fire, spontaneous combusion, fog screens ( we showed how to use laminar air flows to contain them long before it was patented elsewhere) , Bruce Willis-type smokeballs hurtling at you down a tunnel, gentle mist over a romantic pool, the corrosive thin twisting vapour of a prosthetic acid burn, all these things are within Illuminati's power and more. Dorian is passionate about what smoke can do. Far from seeing at a simple bolt-on effect, he sees smoke as a character actor in its own right, adding immeasurably to plot development, creating tensions and moods, setting time and place in context ( what would New York be without that steam coming from the manholes?), and offering a sense of the mythic, legends, history. Also his firm grasp of the chemistry and safety of fog is a valuable asset. He has been principal lecturer at seminars and conferences on fog, attended by all the principal lighting designers in Norway and Finland.

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About Fog, Smoke, Mist etc...

This is our real specialty. Its worth a page (or three) on its own!

Smoke, Flames, Water... both real and virtual...

Water: Professor Burp's Bubbleworks at Chessington The finale to this water ride (designed by others) was an amazing boat trip through a fizzy lemonade facrory. Tunnels of water, though which boats passed, and a centrpiece of a 'shaken-up' lemonade bottle erupting. It had to be magical, with real fizz, not merely lit with coloured lights. Illuminati decided to light it with coloured strobes to freeze the water into wonderful balletic slow-motion effects, which made the water shimmer and sparkle. Coupled with light sources introduced into the water, which were trapped by total internal reflection, this was a totally magical experience. Photographs do not do it justice, but here are some anyway:

water1 water2
water3 water4