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Theres no point in doing any of this unless the get those bums on those seats, those crowds milling around or those great people having a great time.That means that people have to know about it: there is no point in having the greatest event ever, if no one comes to it simply because they have no idea it existed, or they cant find out where to get the tickets. There are three main ways to tell them:

Marketing: Advertising and Selling You need all three!


This is what you try and do to raise public awareness at little or no cost:

Using Print and Broadcast media

Using new media ( Web, email, blogsites, twitter, facebook etc)


There is generally a cost attached to this:

Using posters and fliers

Using paid and free advertising


Please note that even if your event is free to enter, you might still need to issue tickets or individual invitations. Paradoxically the existence of a physical ticket in the hand makes it more likely that they turn up to it. Experience has shown that if you put on a free event, you will get shiploads of people promising to come, and very few actually turn up, usually citing weather, family problems and so on. You might want to consider a very nominal entry fee: this has the effect of sharpening their intentions wonderfully.

Direct sales

Agency sales



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